Frequently asked Questions

Who will install the solar panels and the boiler?

We at Premium Solar have well-trained technicians to install the solar panels on the rooftop

Are the solar panels and the boilers heavy?

No they are not too heavy, there are many solar water heater owners who have already installed

Would you also give service if there are any technical issues?

Yes, we will provide technical service for all types of issues

Will you guide us with the placement and position of the overhead water tank for maintaining the pressure?

Yes, we will guide you with the placement and position of the overhead tank

Can the solar panels be replaced?

Yes, the solar panels can be replaced

How much electricity does the solar water heater save?

The solar water heater helps the owner to save around 1500 units per year on an average consumption of around 100 litres of water per day.

What are the ranges of capacities that are available?

There are over 7 types of capacities starting from 100 litres to around 1000 litres.

Will the solar water heaters give hot water even during winters?

Yes, our Evacuated Tube Collectors (ETC) gives hot water even during winters.